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Falcon 2

Time-Tested, Proven, Reliable!

  • Stainless steel in virtually every moving component allows for smooth, trouble-free operation, and prevents corrosion that binds.
  • Autowlok& towing mechanism allows both tow bar arms to extend or retract for a quick connection. Then, as you drive away, the arms self-center and automatically lock.
  • Patented latching mechanism ensures secure, easy storage on the back of your motorhome.
  • One-person quick-connect and disconnect thanks to ROADMASTERs self-supporting quick-disconnects, one person can easily connect or disconnect the Falcon 2 in seconds.
  • Full-length steel crossbar reinforced for maximum support and safety.
  • A lustrous, high-tech powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • 6,000-lb. capacity ssss
Read what ROADMASTER customers say about this product...
    I swerved to avoid a collision with a truck in the wrong lane, and veered off the road into the brush. I could see my Ford Explorer in the motorhomes rear view camera, whipping back and forth. I thought for sure it was going to roll on its side. I know a little about physics, and I was amazed that your Falcon 2 tow bar held it in place. You folks make a damn good product.
W. Leutwyler, Dallas, TX

520 Tow bar
525 Tow bar (fits Blue Ox baseplates)
055 Tow bar cover
066 Release Tool
9240 Combo Kit
9241 Combo Kit